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Just one post from me today as I’m busy presenting to 80 businessmen and women about the value of blogging. Eek. I’m incredibly nervous about this as public speaking is not one of my favourite things to do, is it anybody’s? But I’m also really excited to have this opportunity to talk about Pocketful of Dreams, this is after all my baby and passion, so really I could talk about it all day long. 

Today I wanted to share an insight into the world of a creative event designer and provide some much sought after advice about planning your own stylish event, everything from where to begin with the whole style thing, and the focus of this post, right through to all those planning elements that bring it together. I do hope you will keep joining me every Friday morning as I post more in this series.

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So the ring is firmly on your finger and you’re excitedly ploughing ahead with plans for your big day. Then you suddenly hit that brick wall and realise there’s a million and one things to do, as well as a mountain of decisions to be made and you’re struggling to know what to do first or even how to answer all those questions being thrown your way.

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Don’t worry you’re not alone in this scenario, so many couples get caught up in the excitement of getting engaged and end up trying to do everything at once without first of all sitting back and really thinking about what they want this experience to be like. And by experience I mean the whole shebang, from the early days of the engagement, to the in-depth planning process to the actual day itself.

Do you want to enjoy some time together first, as a newly engaged couple, thinking about what life is going to be like once you’re married?

Do you want to both be totally involved in every step of the planning process, or can you split the tasks between you focusing on your respective strengths in certain areas.

Do you want to get really creative and hands-on, crafting unique touches and creative aspects, or do you want to bring someone on board who can do all that for you?

How do you want other people to feel about your wedding journey, do you want them involved from the start, do you want them to help you bring your day to life, or do you want to spoil them with a beautiful day full of surprises?

These are the first things to really think about when you’re planning your wedding, to give you a really solid foundation of the type of experience you want. And this is the first thing I always discuss with any of my clients. My biggest advice to them is, this should be a fun process, it should help you learn more about each other, or at least remind you of all those wonderful reasons you’re getting hitched in the first place. Don’t just focus on the end result, enjoy the here and now, this is all part of ‘getting married’.

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Once you have the foundation you can start with the building blocks and the very first one of those is your style.

It’s a given that you want your wedding to be a true reflection of who you are as a couple and representative of the things you like and love in everyday life. But when we are influenced by a whole plethora of aspects from fashion to food, art to music, decor to literature and sometimes those are not always aligned as a couple, it can be difficult to know where to even begin defining your wedding style.

My advice is this, before you even pick up a wedding magazine or start looking at all those lovely real weddings across all the blogs, make sure you have gone some way to defining your personal style first, this will stop you being influenced as well as overwhelmed by all the pretty, because trust me there’s A LOT.

I have actually created a number of in-depth exercises that I use with clients to help them define their style, and to help me to understand what’s important to them, what they value, what influences them and so on. This is such an exciting part of the creative process for me, it’s almost like psychology, getting under the skin of why people think and feel how they do about things.

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Image Credit: Maggie Winters Photography, full shoot being blogged soon

So without giving away ALL my secrets here’s a few pointers of things to make a note of to get you started, grab a pen and paper and work through the pointers listed, do it together with your partner or separately it’s up to you. If you do it separately you will often find more honest answers, as well as an early indication if you are both thinking very differently about things, which often you’re not but it’s good to know at the outset so you can plan for incorporating both sets of wants and desires later down the line.

  • Think about your personal image, we all have one whether we are conscious of it or not, what image do you like to portray, what clothes do you wear and how do they make you feel?
  • How would you describe your personality and outlook on life?
  • How would friends describe you? It’s often easier to have an objective viewpoint
  • Have a look around your home and the things you have collected over the years, do they all follow a specific design style, or have you collected a number of random things because they have a certain meaning. Why are they special?
  • What have been the defining and most special moments in your relationship and why?
  • What makes you unique as a couple? Really think about how you would describe your relationship to a complete stranger.
  • What words sum-up your relationship, just think of as many as you can and jot them down.
  • Now have a think about all the weddings you have been to before and write down a list of all the bits you remember as being great moments. If you’ve never been to a wedding before use your imagination and think about what you imagine would be the best bits.
  • Now write down anything you didn’t particularly love or didn’t think was necessary.
  • Imagine your guests describing your wedding day to someone else, what would you most like to hear them say?

All this introspection and analysis should give you a really good idea of what is important to you, it will help to get your brain working in a different way. Rather than focusing on ‘what do I want from my Wedding Day’ a daunting and often impossible task, instead focus on ‘what’s important to me’ and ‘what values have I always believed in?’.

Have fun and pop back next week for {Part 2} of my Wedding Planning ~ Defining Your Style series, when I will be showing you how to take all this self-analysis and turn it into something useful.

I really hope you see the value in posts like this, my goal is to provide a meaningful insight into the world of a creative, how I approach my work and why. Granted I don’t expect every couple to work as in-depth as this, that’s what us professionals are here to do for you. But I would love to know if this has been helpful.

If you have any design and planning questions, or would like to enquire about my services then please do drop me an email michelle{at}pocketfulofdreams{dot}co{dot}uk.

Michelle xx

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