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Pocketful of Dreams designed event, photography by Mark Tattersall

Within the PLANNING category on Pocketful of Dreams, you will find little snippets of advice to help you create your perfect wedding or event. Over the coming weeks I am going to be adding a lot more resources to this category, as this is after-all where my expertise lies.

Being an event professional for over 10 years I feel have learnt a thing or two about designing and planning the perfect event, I have certainly learnt what NOT to do, having faced every drama imaginable which I’m very proud to say I managed to overcome without anyone knowing about any of the little mishaps going on behind-the-scenes. So I feel well placed to share an insight into this world and give you a few nuggets of advice that will help you plan your own perfect event.

I once organised a very important corporate event for over 200 people, the big boss was quite a scary chap and when issue after issue presented itself on the day, I did what I had to do to ensure the event went ahead as planned and all the guests were none the wiser.

He came to me at the end of the day and congratulated me on a superb event, I may have felt a little frazzled after a particularly tough day but his words have stuck with me ever since.

“Today my guests have seen you behave like a gracious swan gliding across the water, swiftly and noiselessly, whilst underneath the water you were paddling away to make it all happen. No-one saw you paddling, they only saw you glide, and that is the sign of a job well done.”

And this is so very true it has now become my mantra. This is the what my business is based upon, providing a top-notch service, remaining calm under pressure and ensuring your day runs like a dream. Whilst also throwing in a heap of creative and unique ideas of course.

The only way I can do this though is by being ultra organised to plan carefully and having a very-well defined design concept.

For me being organised is in my blood, in the words of Lady Gaga “I was born this way”, but there are things you can learn about organisation and time-management, as well as lots of tools to help you keep on top of things. So I will be covering a few planning and organisation topics in detail very soon.

The other aspect of a fantastic event is in the design, a well-defined design concept is the absolute crux of a successful and memorable event. And I am so passionate about this aspect, this is the core focus of my business and the service I provide, I am not just a wedding or event planner, I am an event designer. I am passionate about designing and conceptualising ideas that represent you, about creating unique and vibrant events, infused with your personality and of course a whole heap of fun.

If you are interested in finding out more about how Pocketful of Dreams can help you DESIGN and PLAN your day then get in touch via email michelle{at}pocketfulofdreams{dot}co{dot}uk.

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