DIY Inspiration: Alternative Easter Eggs


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I do love clever little ideas, and when they involve something as easy and simple as eggs well they get me rather excited. There’s a whole host of ideas here to keep you and those little ones busy over Easter, from decorating eggs to filling them with flowers.

  1. Transform eggshells into candle votives for your tables ~ via
  2. Fill eggs with confetti for a fun game ~ via
  3. Paint those shells in pretty pastel colours, fill with spring stems and place into eggcups for quirky tablecentres
  4. Dip-dye those eggs and create funky stencils ~ via
  5. More eggshell vases, this time in the eggbox, what a beautiful collection of spring blooms ~ via
  6. Easter egg cupcakes with yolk centres, how very cute ~ via

Michelle xx

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