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It’s fair to say we love a good read over here at Pocketful of Dreams and we visit so many blogs throughout the week that we feel it only fair that we share our fab finds.

We invite you, every Friday afternoon, to join us on our Blog Hop. We’ll be sharing those fab wedding ideas, DIY tips and tricks and basically anything that catches our eye, gets us thinking or warms our hearts from around the blogosphere. Here’s to a weekend filled with style and colour.

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 E-session with paint ~ how much fun does this look?

 Museum Wedding ~ love the buttonholes

 Flavour-filled grill favours ~ too cute

 A tree-house wedding ~ hell yeah!

Nobody lives here anymore ~ a wow showcase apartment

Waxed paper dot garland ~ I’ve died and gone to DIY heaven

8 great ideas for your home office ~ this is my goal and dream, le sigh

A DIY terrarium ~ we love them here at POD and have used them many times for events, this is a great how-to from Florence Finds

DIY make-up tutorial, Neutral eyes and luscious lashes ~ and we know we all want both of those

Chateau Lagorce Wedding by Dasha Caffrey ~ Le chic, j’adore

A polka-dot hallway ~ yes I want one


So what have you been reading this week folks? Come on and share those links in the comments box below, or hit that speech bubble at the top of the post. Happy blog-hopping and have a fabulous weekend.

Michelle xx

Image credits: 1. Conversation Pieces 2. sfgirlbybay 3. Style Me Pretty 4. Green Wedding Shoes

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Sunday Sessions: D R I N K S How much will you be serving? #wedding #weddingplanner #weddingplanning
So this is the #wedding show that gets everyone talking, I'm hoping to make the trip to #london for it next weekend. Anyone going who fancies meeting up for coffee/cocktails and a natter, hit up my inbox, let's chat. #weddingplanner #weddingplanning #weddingstyling #mostcurious
It's Friday whoop whoop! Balloon arches are cool again thanks to @houselarsbuilt #wedding #weddingplanner
Loving all the pastel popping up on the runways. It doesn't have to be sugary sweet it's all in the application. #wedding
Sometimes we just need a little reminder. We're definitely dreamers and proud of being so, constantly thinking up new and better ways of doing things, thinking about how we can improve & what we want to achieve. Tag a friend who needs reminding of this. 👇
Oh @Dior how we love thee. Industrial scaffolding contrasted with delicate pastel pink & shimmering mirrored walls. So inspiring
Working on something a little different in the studio currently. Incorporating the family tartan of one of our #wedding grooms and the brides love of fresh green.
Gamechanger! @hemsleyhemsley #healthyliving #hemsleyhemsley #spiralizer
So I'm honoured to have been nominated for the #20BeautifulWomen challenge, but being the inquisitive creature I am I wanted to understand what it was for & how it started but it seems it's a bit of a mystery. Maybe something to do with the book by Saba Tekle via @huffingtonpost or simply to celebrate women who are beautiful inside and out: visionary, kind, inspiring and empowering women. So yeah I'm all up for that. Author of said book defines a beautiful woman as this: "A beautiful woman shares her story so other women won't feel alone. A beautiful woman is peaceful: she has made peace with her past. A beautiful woman is passionate: she is on fire with a strong desire to change the world. A beautiful woman is purposeful: she knows why she was born and does what she was created here to do. Be beautiful." My 20 beautiful & inspirational ladies are all tagged in - I tried to cheat and add more but it won't let me!