Chat Time: Favourite Meal To Cook A Loved One



Well it’s Tuesday morning already – last weekend seems like a distant memory and Friday evening feels like a millions miles away.  But don’t despair because we’re back to give you the perfect excuse to take a quick break.

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We are on a bit of a mission here at Pocketful of Dreams, to inject a bit of camaraderie into our working week – whether you work from home, in an office or a bit of  both.  So go put the kettle on, make yourself a cuppa and take 5 minutes out of your busy day to join us for a little chat.

This week, we’re talking about…cooking for a loved one.


Michelle and I have made no secret of the fact that we are both HUGE food fans.  And for me, this love of food isn’t just about great flavours and delicious plates, but about the symbolism and memories associated with food and sharing meals with friends, family and loved ones.  I can still remember the first meal that my husband ever cooked me and I will forever have a special place in my heart for Ben & Jerry’s ice cream as it played a key role in our engagement!

There is however one big difference between Michelle and I when it comes to food…she can both enjoy and prepare great tasting food whereas I am a hopeless cook.  It really is pretty embarrassing but in my house I’m not even allowed to attempt cooking anymore after a few disasters including serving cold soup and setting fire to myself….

What I am a big fan of however is baking. The science of baking appeals to me and there is something lovely and decadent about baking cakes for people; if I’m going round to a friend’s for dinner, for a party or just if I haven’t seen them in a while then I adore turning up with a freshly baked cake, loaf or batch of cupcakes.  My signature cupcakes are carrot cakes (with raisins and chopped pecans) but I recently baked a delicious Golden Apricot and Marzipan Loaf Cake from The Great British Bake Off cook book and it was delicious with some added almonds.   For me, nothing gives me more satisfaction than seeing people enjoy a cake I have baked and I recently treated my husband to some pumpkin and spice muffins, complete with mini marzipan pumpkin decorations!

OVER TO YOU:  What is your favourite meal to cooked for a loved one?

Do you have a set meal that you just love to cook, perhaps a strong family favourite?  Or like me are you more of a baker?  We’d love to hear from you so do please leave a comment and let’s get some discussion going!

Vicki xx

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  1. Chat Time: Favourite Meal To Cook A Loved One:   Well it’s Tuesday morning already – last weekend seems like a d…

  2. Fancy joining us for a chat? Go on, stick the kettle on…

    • Oh my **stomach groans**

      It is true I do love to cook and have only recently learnt to bake which is a whole new world. I’m not very good at following instructions and tend to adapt recipes a lot but have found it often doesn’t work when baking. Had a few rock hard cakes as a result but UN getting there!

      Meal-wise I have a few favourites I like to cook: rack of lamb with dauphinoise potatoes and chargrilled vine tomatoes was the first meal I cooked for my partner. If I’m cooking a special meal it will usually revolve around meat or fish with delicious veg, I’m a big veg fan but prefer to grill or roast them for optimum flavour rather than just boiling them.

      Another fave of mine is brown butter fish, plaice or sole works great and do simple to do just fry in a pan and add a huge knob of butter at the end to give it the brown butter effect which is quite a nutty flavour. Served with olive oil mash and wilted spinach.

      **stomach does somersault**

      Some great suggestions here ladies, love being introduced to new food ideas.

      Michelle xxx

      • haha – that’s exactly why I like baking, I can treat it like a scientific undertaking. “Chuck in a bit of this and a bit of that” brings me out in a cold sweat!
        Really feel like I need to find something more interesting for lunch after all these scrummy suggestions!

  3. Fancy joining us for a chat? Go on, stick the kettle on…

  4. RT @pod_vicki: Fancy joining us for a chat? Go on, stick the kettle on…

  5. Oh I would looooove to be able to bake frequently, but alas the oven at the place we’re renting is quite ridiculous. I did buy a cupcake cooker which is useful for batches of sweet treats – there’s nothing like cool icing on a warm cupcake.

    I have Polish heritage and since moving to London, there’s been many more opportunities to buy Polish food and ingredients. But taking the time to make pierogi (Polish dumplings) to our own tastes, rolling out the dough, creating a delicious filling and making a floury mess is almost as fun as eating them when they’re done…even if they do make me homesick (for Australia!).

  6. RT @pocketfuldreams: Fancy joining us for a chat? Go on, stick the kettle on…

  7. RT @SoPrettyWasShe: @pocketfuldreams @POD_Vicki A discussion about food before breakfast is *very* dangerous ;-)

  8. RT @SoPrettyWasShe: @pocketfuldreams @POD_Vicki A discussion about food before breakfast is *very* dangerous ;-)

  9. Lottie says:

    My husband-to-be loves everything I cook for him (or at least that’s what he tells me!), but the thing I like cooking for him the most is steak and chips followed by strawberry cheese cake. Not terribly healthy I know, but great for a treat!


  10. What’s your secret ingredient? Go on, spill the beans!

  11. What’s your secret ingredient? Go on, spill the beans!

  12. Just looked at a new flat and is has a MASSIVE garden. If/when we move in, even if it’s freezing outside, there will be a BBQ!!! Love love making slow-roast pulled pork or flash-grilled seafood and corn on the BBQ. Nothing gets people together like delicious food you can lick off your fingers afterwards. It’s a ManVsFood moment.

    • Right, forget sending me the pierogi recipe, send me your new address…I’m coming round for flash-grilled seafood!

      • Haha!! Everyone is invited to the So Pretty Was She Garden BBQ Party!!
        We might even be allowed to hold Christmas at our new place.

        What’s your fave Christmas food?? …I was introduced to Yorkshire puddings 3 years ago and now it’s not Christmas without them (and thick gravy!). Though I do miss a summer Christmas lunch with crisp salads, fresh oysters followed by christmas cake and ice cream.

        …I’m going out to buy lunch now.

        • Sounds awesome – count POD in!
          Hmmm, yorkshire puddings are yum although strictly only for roast beef not turkey!
          We don’t usually have a traditional Christmas dinner but this year we are going for turkey with all the works. Plus, I’m going to try and make a panetonne…gulp!

          So hungry now!

  13. Pie says:

    I love cooking but time often gets in the way, I find that Mrs Pie always seems to enjoy the stir frys that I throw together, I think it sthe eclectice mix of veg, noodles, soy sauce and either salmon or chicken .. another favorite is really simple, soy glaze a salmon portion, cook skin down until crispy, cook some noodles up in bolining water and make up a simple Miso soup sachet, once all made add the noodles to the soup with some chopped spring onions and chilli flakes, pop the salmon atop the noodles and you have a lovely dinner that takes about ten minutes :)

  14. What’s your special meal idea? I’ve shared mine!

  15. Katie Saxon says:

    I love cooking spaghetti carbonara – mostly because I absolutely *love* eating it! For my fiancee though it’ll always be something meaty and time consuming like a great stew. (This one is a particular fave). He loves the taste and it’s always a special treat because they take so long!

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