Wedding Trend Alert: Fabric Aisle Decor



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It’s fair to say that we are enjoying a bit of an obsession with aisle decor at the moment!  What with everything else to think of on your wedding day, ceremony decor can sometimes get a bit neglected so we’re on a mission to show how a few simple details to dress your aisle can really make a big difference, making your final walk as a single lady both momentous and beautiful.

Following on from last week’s look at natural styling elements, today we are looking at how you can use fabric to style your aisle.

fabric, rugs, runners, aisle, aisle decor, aisle decoration, aisle styling, ceremony decor, style the aisle (1)

Image credits: 1. Alexan Events 2. Style Me Pretty 3. Etsy 4. 100 Layer Cake

  • For simple elegance you can’t beat a classic white runner, stretching from one end of your aisle to the other.  Widely available to hire or buy these provide a classic statement and give you the opportunity to cover up any unsightly venue carpets – just make sure it’s been ironed before it’s laid down!  And if white is a little too classic for your tastes, then consider a solid block colour – in line with your colour palette of course!
  • Coordinate with the rest of your wedding style with patterned runners; think geometric patterns, abstract designs or vary the material itself; a hessian runner would be perfect for a rustic styled wedding.  Just remember, the bolder the pattern or colours in your aisle, the less decor you need everywhere else.  If you are going for a bold runner then let it be the star of the show (after you, of course!)
  • At Pocketful of Dreams, we believe the best weddings are the truly personal ones, and what better way to bring a bit of “you” into your ceremony than to use an old rug or hallway runner for your aisle?  It could be a rug from the first house you bought together or from the hallway of your parents’ home, anything with sentimental value and personal relevance.  And if you love this idea but don’t have a suitable rug, then why not buy one for your wedding which you can then use in your home?  I’m a big fan of buying decor pieces which can be re-used; not only does it make your purchases more cost effective but it’s a great way to keep the magic of your wedding day alive.
  • Or you can personalise your runner.  You can find a wide range of personalisable options on Etsy; opt for something simple and tasteful like a monogram.  Alternatively, you could go super personal and use your runner to share a passage from a favourite book, lyrics from a song or to act as a timeline highlighting key stages in your relationship.  Bridal Musings has a great DIY guide for any crafty brides tempted to make their own truly personal aisle runner.
  • Ribbon can be used in a number of different ways to suit your style, whether you want to trail it haphazardly down the aisle itself or create high impact ribbon garlands which can be hung from pew or chair ends.
  • And don’t forget you are not just limited to the physical aisle itself for your decorative touches; why not create an overhead display with fabrics drapes and garlands such as this one from PaulaProduct?  Just make sure you keep the fabrics over the aisle itself to draw people’s attention to this focal part of your ceremony room.
  • For a pretty and hugely symbolic gesture, consider giving your aisle an “entrance” either by creating a gateway through draped fabrics or by having a ribbon tied across the end of the aisle.  If you are going for the latter, make sure you use two tied pieces of fabric, no bride wants to carry a pair of scissors down the aisle with her!
  • Or for a funkier and fun look consider how you can use fabrics in highly creative ways – fabric flowers like those created by Beautiful Bird Creations would look fabulous draped down the aisle, go for fabric pom poms, fabric bunting hanging from chair ends or even combine a bit of everything, like this aisle runner featuring rope, various brightly colored string, pom poms and tassels…no further decor required here!

There is such huge scope to create something special here: from the sweetly personal to the wildly wack.  What’s catching your eye?

Vicki xx

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